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When you access our site you are obviously concerned about what will happen with your personal information. Protecting this sensitive data is something we take extremely seriously. You are trusting us with your data and you need to know how we will use and store it.


We are determined and committed to ensuring your privacy when you access our site and services. To this end we have a strong Privacy Policy which we adhere to strictly. We believe our customers deserve nothing less.


To this end, when you access our site or place an order, you are giving us consent to collect your personal information under the terms of this policy


When you register or order products from our site you will be asked for personal information about yourself, including name, address, telephone number plus debit and credit card information. We will also collect information about your use of the site via messages or correspondence we receive from you. We may also record and monitor incoming calls to maintain our high customer service standards.


How we use your information

We will use your information to allow you full access to your account and to allow us to process and deliver your orders. We will also use your information when the need arises to contact you about your orders or deliveries.

We will also use your personal information for our own internal use; to administer, support and improve our business. We may from time to time contact you to request feedback on your experience of dealing with us. We may also contact you to advise you of any important developments to the site, extra products and offers you may be interested in. We will only contact you via email unless you give us authority to contact you via text or telephone.

If you wish to opt-out of being contacted in the future, please let us know.

We would like to be able to email you with promotional offers and newsletters but if you decide you do not wish to receive these in the future and would like to opt out then please let us know.



The personal data you provide to us may be accessed by those who are responsible for processing your payment, orders and provide support services on our behalf. We may also use details of your use of the site to other third parties but this will on no account be sensitive personal data that can be used to identify you. We will only disclose your personal information if required by law or by a Court Order to do so.

If in the future our business is taken over, merged with another business partner or sold to another third party, then your personal information will be disclosed. If, or at any time in the future this occurs then we will make every effort to contact you to advise you in advance of our disclosure.

We will not disclose your personal information to any person or organisation, save for legal entities when required to do so. We do not sell or pass on our mailing list to any person or organisation for any purpose.



When you access our site we use Cookies on your computer’s browser to give you easy access to your personal part of our site and to enhance your experience of using our site. If you do not wish for Cookies to be placed on your browser then you will need to prevent these from being placed by adjusting your browser settings accordingly.

The Cookies that are placed in your browser will make it easier for you to login to the site and place orders in the future. They also provide us with website traffic details for analysis purposes.

Secure Data Storage and Retention of Personal Information


We store your data electronically on Secure Cloud Storage. We will ensure there is no unauthorised access to your personal data and employ rigorous security to ensure your data is protected. Should you require us to provide you with details of the personal information we hold about you, then you should let us know in writing and we will action your request. You will need to be aware that we are entitled by law to charge a fee of £10 for this service to meet our costs in doing so.

You are entitled to ask us to edit and update your personal information at any time and we will be pleased to do so. You will need to contact us in writing in order to do this.


We will retain your data for a reasonable period of time as required by law.




We will update our Privacy Policy as and when necessary and this will be amended on the site. Any update to the Policy will be dated for clarity purposes.


Should you have any queries or suggestions about how we store your personal data then please get in touch with us via email to

The site may contain links to other sites and you need to be aware these will not be covered under this Privacy Policy.

Spam – Our Anti-Spam Policy


We do not, under any circumstances, send emails to you unless you have subscribed to our newsletter and you have specifically given us consent to contact you by email. Should an email bounce back to us a couple of times we will remove your email address from our system immediately. If you wish to do so, you can contact us to reinstate your email address or change it at any time.

We do not, and never will, obtain email addresses from any external sources. We will remove your details from our mailing list upon receiving your request to do so.

Our Mailing List

Any emails you receive from us will clearly state where it has come from and the message will be clear and concise. Should you have any concerns that a message has arrived in your inbox that you do not believe to be ours, you will need to contact us straightaway using in order that we can investigate the source. We will then report back to you on the outcome after our investigations are completed.

Our mailing list details are only accessed by our staff or directors for the specific use of providing you with information that you have requested to receive. No other access to this information is permitted and we take every precaution to ensure there is no theft or misuse of that data.

Should you have any queries about this Privacy Policy or any of the terms within, then please get in touch with us.